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The secret to Planned Parenthood’s success is just that: a secret. And for good reason. If people knew that this billion-dollar international corporation profited from promoting risky sexual behavior to young people, enforcing abortion quotas to increase profits, putting women’s health at risk, and wasting and abusing taxpayer dollars, Planned Parenthood would be bankrupt. Sadly, it is anything but.

Nearly a million babies were aborted at its facilities over the last three years, which brought the corporation hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. It also receives half a billion dollars in taxpayer funding a year.  And it is the largest and loudest advocate for abortion in our nation.

To expose the truth and combat the evils of this organization, Alliance Defending Freedom has litigated over 45 cases involving Planned Parenthood.  This frequently updated catalogue of resources shows Planned Parenthood’s targeting of young people, promotion of abortion, ongoing violations of health and safety regulations, and millions of dollars in potential fraud, waste and abuse of taxpayer funding.

You can help us win by providing the crucial resources needed to continue the legal battle against the nation’s largest abortion promoter and provider. Your best gift will make all the difference. Together, we can stop Planned Parenthood.



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Current cases and recent victories against Planned Parenthood by Alliance Defending Freedom and our allies.

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