The Hahn Family Story

The Hahn family, devout Mennonite Christians, founded a kitchen cabinet making company nearly fifty years ago. They are peaceful and hardworking people, who have built a successful American business that has
created good jobs for its nearly 1,000 employees.

Norman Hahn and his wife and children never imagined that they would have to go to court just to stop the federal government from forcing them to pay for insurance that facilitates the destruction of human life . . . Read More

What Happened?

The U.S. Supreme Court agreed on November 26, 2013 to review two lawsuits challenging the Obama administration’s abortion pill mandate, including one filed by Conestoga Wood Specialties and its owners, the Hahn family. Alliance Defending Freedom represents the Hahn family and we are asking the High Court to declare the mandate illegal and unconstitutional.

The other case accepted by the Supreme Court involves the Oklahoma-based company Hobby Lobby, run by the Green family, represented by the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty.

Both cases are anticipated to be heard in early 2014.
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Case Summary

Conestoga Wood Specialties faces nearly $35 million a year in fines for standing up for their faith!

Conestoga Wood Specialties has been forced into a choice no American should have to make: comply with an illegal mandate to abandon the family's faith or face a nearly $3 million  per month "faith fine" that would put the family out of business, and threaten the jobs of nearly 1,000 working people.

Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys and allied attorneys Randall Wenger and Charles Proctor represent Conestoga Wood Specialties in a case challenging the abortion pill mandate.

What's At Stake

  • The freedom to live according to our faith and to honor God in our work.
  • Freedom from the threat of crippling fines for resisting illegal government mandates.
  • Freedom from government intrusion on a family business's private moral decisions.
  • The free and full participation of people of faith in all areas of public life, including the marketplace.

The Abortion Pill Mandate

Obamacare’s abortion pill mandate forces most employers, regardless of their religious or moral convictions, to offer insurance that covers abortion-inducing drugs, sterilization, and contraception. Job creators who don’t comply face the threat of heavy penalties—$100 per day, per employee.

“If the government has the power to put families out of business and working people out of jobs to impose its agenda, there is no limit to the damage it can do to freedom.”
Alliance Defending Freedom Attorney David Cortman.

Alliance Defending Freedom is representing nearly a dozen private colleges and family businesses; all of which have deeply-held convictions regarding the sanctity of human life . . . Learn More

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