What's Their Plan At Planned Parenthood?


Planned Parenthood says abortion services are a fraction of their business, yet more than half of clinic revenue comes from abortions. To make matters worse, former employees say clinics have abortion quotas and Planned Parenthood continues to oppose legal requirements to inform pregnant women of potential serious physical and psychological problems associated with abortion procedures.

For my clinic specifically, we were required to perform 1,135 abortions per year, so we're selling those abortions to pregnant women who are coming in. At Planned Parenthood, one of their mottos is that every telephone call and every client visit must be turned into a revenue generating visit. Well, the only way to make a profit off a pregnant woman is to sell her an abortion, because Planned Parenthood doesn't provide any prenatal care. Former Planned Parenthood Manager Abby Johnson


Planned Parenthood Federation of America Annual Clinic Income and Abortion Income

Clinic income from PPFA Annual Reports. Abortion income calculated using PPFA annual reports and average price for abortion at Planned Parenthood each year. In 1993 PPFA changed fiscal years — this number represents six months of data. In 2010, PPFA altered the way it reports clinic income, and the data for this year is not deemed reliable.


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