No one has the right to mandate that you pay for another person’s abortion pills. Yet through Obamacare, the government is forcing you to do just that.

What is it?

Americans are finding out every day that there is a lot not to like about Obamacare, but the most offensive aspect of Obamacare is its assault on religious freedom.

Obamacare is not simply a "healthcare law." It includes several mandatory demands (mandates) on the American people including, for example, the Individual Mandate (where the federal government can now require everyone to have health insurance – this mandate was challenged and the U.S. Supreme Court ruled it constitutional in June 2012).

It also includes the HHS Mandate, since it comes from the Obama Administration’s department of Health and Human Services. The HHS Mandate poses the most serious threat to our First Amendment freedoms, and has come to also be known as the "Abortion Pill Mandate."

This Mandate:

  • Forces citizens to pay for other people’s life-ending abortion drugs.
  • Uses devastating fines to punish religious employers who refuse to pay for abortion-causing drugs and chemical birth control coverage of their employees. The $100 per employee per day fine would put most companies out of business, including Alliance Defending Freedom clients the Hahn family, who provide jobs to nearly 1,000 working people at Conestoga Wood Specialities. Read the Conestoga story here…
  • Demands that life-ending drugs be provided free of charge by religious employers and religious people in business, while the cost of other life-saving care continues to cost you. (That is the frightening logic of Obamacare.)

The government has no business forcing citizens to choose between making a living and living free.

Why does it matter?

All Americans – including job creators – should be free to live according to their faith and to honor God in their work. But Obamacare’s architects have decided that employers can only be concerned about their bottom line and must leave their faith at the door whenever they open for business.

Consider this:

  • If a Christian owned business wants to close on Sunday to give employees that time with their families, should it be allowed to?
  • Can a Jewish owned business be allowed to observe Kosher dietary restrictions in the food they provide? Read about our win here: Grote Industries v. Sebelius
  • Should a Christian owned business be allowed to run their company in an environmentally friendly way because they believe they are a steward of the earth?
  • Then why shouldn't a Christian owned business be allowed to choose not to fund practices such as abortion that they believe are morally wrong?

The real problem is that Obamacare denies access to religious freedom. No one is denied access to abortion pills; they just shouldn’t force someone else to pay for them.

Religious freedom isn’t just the freedom to worship in the church of your choice on Sundays; it’s the freedom to live out your faith in every area of your life. That’s why when the conflict is between real freedoms named in the First Amendment, and a fictional "right" to have someone else pay for your abortion pills, freedom must win.

Alliance Defending Freedom has come to the defense of more than 20 Christian businesses and universities who oppose the mandate. So far, we have 17 active lawsuits challenging Obamacare’s Abortion Pill Mandate, with one case to be argued in early 2014 at the U.S. Supreme Court.