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Download these resources to learn more about your child’s right to religious freedom at school.

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Constitutional Freedoms


Download these legal memos and share them with your school administrators if your child is being prohibited from participating in these events at school.

Student Stories

Be inspired by these courageous students who have taken a stand for religious liberty at their public schools.

  • Phillip Dean - A high school freshman fought to have Christmas carols reinstated at the school band concert.
  • Brian Hickman - A fifth-grade student at a Los Angeles public school was told he couldn’t perform in the after-school talent show because his song says “Jesus too many times.”
  • Christina Hudak – A high school freshman refused to back down when her request to participate in the Pro-life Day of Silent Solidarity was denied by school administrators.
  • Jacob Smith – A student at an elementary school was prohibited from passing out flyers to classmates for a youth summer camp sponsored by his church.
  • Janelle Poukamissas – A high school student took a stand when her Christian student club was singled out for discrimination.  
  • Georgia Crawley - A first-grader’s poem honoring her grandfather’s military service was censored for including “God.”

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