Students Don’t Have to Leave Their Faith at Home

As a parent, you may believe that in public education the “separation of church and state” prohibits your child from freely living out the Christian values you’ve worked so hard to instill. But students have more freedom to express their faith on campus than you, or they, realize.

Alliance Defending Freedom is here to protect the right of students to freely live out their faith during each stage of their education — from kindergarten through college.

Watch this video to better understand students’ rights…and then get the resources you need to help ensure your child’s school or university respects those rights.

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Much of what our children, as students, have been taught — and that we, as parents, often believeabout religious freedom in public education, simply isn’t true! It’s time to get the facts.

Learn more about your child’s right to religious freedom from kindergarten through high school.


Learn more about your child’s right to religious freedom on public university campuses.

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