Urgent: Matching grant helps stop discrimination

A generous family has offered a $2.2 million matching grant specifically to defend Christians from discrimination at public universities.

The family made this match in the sincere hope it will help motivate you to do your part. So they added a strict condition: We must fulfill the match to receive the full amount. Any amount short of the goal will be forfeited.

Immediate needs call for immediate actions

Even now, Christian students on university campuses are being denied their hard-earned degrees — because they refuse to separate their faith from their education.

Professors teaching traditional biblical values are losing their jobs — for speaking out and living according to their convictions.

Believers are being attacked, oppressed, and discriminated against on America’s campuses of higher learning.

Unless Allied Ministry Friends like you help by , administrators who are hostile to your faith will continue to silence the Gospel and advance their own anti- Christian agendas.

Two ways to stop discrimination NOW

you’ll support these two initiatives:

  • FIRST, to defend students and faculty members who have had their religious liberty violated. We have won nearly 80% of the campus religious liberty cases we’ve litigated to conclusion.
  • SECOND, to go on the offensive and notify schools that their policies are in violation of constitutionally protected free speech and religious freedom. We’ve successfully compelled many schools to change their policies. Yet others have dug in their heels and are set on fighting us every step of the way.

Please pray for and . Your gift will be instantly DOUBLED to ensure future generations have the opportunity to grow up in a nation where they can freely live out their faith... and freely share the saving message of Jesus Christ.

Your gift will be DOUBLED by our matching grant to protect and defend twice as many students.