Defending Your Religious Freedom

Alliance Defending Freedom deploys a highly professional team of in-house litigators who carefully choose and litigate strategic cases to protect religious liberty, the sanctity of life, and marriage and family. These attorneys work in close cooperation with more than 2,200 Allied Attorneys and dozens of allied organizations across the country.

Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys, who are some of the most skilled constitutional law litigators in the country, are meeting some of the most serious threats to religious liberty head-on. In fact, they regularly have nearly 200 litigation cases underway, and consistently win eight out of every 10 cases brought to conclusion:

  • Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys won the reversal of a criminal conviction and a related federal lawsuit, striking down an unconstitutional noise ordinance – after a Phoenix pastor was sentenced to jail for ringing the bells of his church.
  • Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys were instrumental in changing unconstitutional policies at a middle school in Pennsylvania after a student was ordered to remove his t-shirt with the pro-life message: “Abortion is not Healthcare.”
  • Missouri State University officials settled a lawsuit filed by Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys after Emily Brooker, a student of the university’s social work program, was threatened with having her degree withheld after she refused to write a letter to Missouri legislators supporting adoption by same-sex couples as an academic assignment for her class.

Going Beyond

In addition to defending your religious freedom in the courtroom, the Alliance Defending Freedom litigation team preserves religious liberty in numerous other ways.

Training and Mentoring

Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys train and mentor Christian law students in constitutional law through the Blackstone Legal Fellowship leadership development program. During the Phase II internship placement, select Blackstone interns are paired with Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys, who help grow and nurture the interns' knowledge and experience in the issues threatening religious liberty.

Strategic Partnerships

The Alliance Defending Freedom litigation team works closely with allied organizations – such as family policy councils, Christian ministries, and student campus organizations – to educate Christians about their First Amendment-protected rights and to provide these organizations with resources and strategic direction on cases related to the ministry’s mission. The Alliance Defending Freedom team empowers and equips its Allied Attorneys – many of whom were trained at the Alliance Defending Freedom Legal Academy – with advanced knowledge, tactics, and the ability to staff complex cases with a large team of attorneys. This strategic approach enables Alliance Defending Freedom and its allies to successfully defend religious liberty, the sanctity of life, and marriage and family.


Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys are among the most knowledgeable commentators about issues threatening religious freedom in the local and national news media. Through such media appearances, these Christ-focused men and women play a crucial role in educating the general public about their God-given, constitutionally protected rights – and they are making a significant impact in the courtroom of public opinion.

Make a Difference

Thanks to the faithful prayers and support of dedicated Christians like you, the team of Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys is making a lasting difference for religious liberty across America and around the world. You can help continue their record of success by making a secure, tax-deductible donation today.

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