Supplying the Frontlines

Prior to the launch of Alliance Defending Freedom, Christians suffering religious discrimination lost case after case by default, simply because they could not afford attorneys or the sometimes hundreds-of-thousands of dollars that it can cost to successfully defend a multi-year battle over religious freedom.

That is why the founders of Alliance Defending Freedom made it a priority to ultimately raise an annual funding pool of $25 million or more to ensure that there would be sufficient funds to properly defend every potentially precedent-setting legal case and to enable the Body of Christ to go on the offensive, when necessary.

Making a Difference

Since 1994, Alliance Defending Freedom has provided nearly 2,400 individual grants to fund some of the most critical, precedent-setting legal cases. Thanks to the faithful support from dedicated Christians like you, more than $36 million has been distributed to countless cases that may have otherwise been lost – simply because the necessary funding was not available to sustain a quality legal defense over numerous years.

“We are only able to fight on because [Alliance Defending Freedom] is standing with us in the fight — not just through grants, but through prayer and encouragement from people we know care about us and those we serve. Without you, we would be overwhelmed.”Rick Nelson, Alliance Defending Freedom Grant Recipient

You can help continue this incredible record of success. With your monthly donation of $35 or more, you’ll help provide the funding necessary for Alliance Defending Freedom to continue to fight for religious liberty through our direct litigation and grants and funding program.

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