ADF comment on approval of NC marriage amendment


The following quote may be attributed to Alliance Defense Fund Senior Counsel Brian Raum regarding voter approval Tuesday of the North Carolina constitutional amendment protecting marriage as the union of one man and one woman:

“Once again we see that Americans are married to marriage, the fundamental building block of a healthy, thriving society. The people of North Carolina, like 31 states before them, recognized that marriage should be strengthened and protected from legal attacks. ADF applauds the people of North Carolina who’ve followed in the footsteps of diverse cultures and faiths, throughout history and across the globe, in upholding marriage as the ideal.” 

  • ADF legal analysis of N.C. marriage amendment provided to the N.C. speaker of the house
  • Op-ed: “Why voters should approve N.C.’s marriage amendment” by ADF Senior Counsel Jordan Lorence (, 5/8/2012)
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