Christians Persecuted in India

Radical Hindu mobs in northeastern India have unleashed an onslaught of brutal persecution against Christians. Christian villages are being attacked, churches are being burned, Christians are being tortured, and pastors are being murdered – because of their faith.

Akbar Digal, a pastor in a small Indian village in the state of Orissa, was brutally murdered in 2008 while trying to help members of his church flee from the attacks of a radical Hindu mob that struck his village without warning in the night.

Since the time of this Christian massacre, Alliance Defending Freedom has been strategically working in India to overturn unjust anti-conversion laws and to prosecute the murderers of this pastor and more than 100 other believers.

By God's grace, and because of our systematic legal efforts in India, four of the ringleaders of the Hindu mob that murdered Pastor Digal have been convicted and sentenced to prison for life. This is the very first time perpetrators of mob violence against Christians in Orissa have been legally convicted of their crimes.

Sacrifice for the Spread of the Gospel

These God-given victories could not have been possible without the unwavering commitment of members of our allied legal team in India, like Rabindra Kumar Parichha, who willingly faced mortal danger in organizing criminal prosecutions of the killers. Tragically, Rabindra was brutally murdered in December 2011 for what can only be explained as retaliation for his work to bring justice and religious freedom for Christians.

“Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness,
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”Matthew 5:10

We will not let heinous acts of violence like this deter us from the crucial legal work God has called us to do because it is making an impact for His Kingdom. In fact, the number of attacks on Christians in the Indian state of Orissa has drastically decreased since Alliance Defending Freedom and our allies successfully brought the guilty perpetrators to justice. Together, we have an extraordinary opportunity to reach tens of millions of people in India who are open to the Good News and will embrace Christianity in vast numbers as the threat of violence and intimidation against Christians is put to an end.

You Can Help Your Brothers and Sisters in Christ

Alliance Defending Freedom is committed to keeping the door open for the spread of the Gospel in America and across the globe. But we cannot do it without the prayers and financial support of Ministry Friends like you. Your willingness to sacrifice will make all the difference for our suffering brothers and sisters in Christ. We urgently need you to join with us so we can defend religious liberty and end the persecution. Please give generously today!