The ACLU vs. America

An eye-opening book that exposes the ACLU's radical agenda

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) proclaims itself to be the nation's "guardian of liberty" – but its decades of brazen attacks on religious freedom and America's Christian heritage prove this could not be further from the truth.

In the eye-opening book, The ACLU vs. America, co-authors ADF President Alan Sears and ADF Vice-President of Research Craig Osten expose the ACLU's radical agenda, which seeks to restrict religious freedom, cheapen the value of human life at birth and death, redefine marriage, and force "tolerance" of homosexual behavior on the American people.

With over $324 million in assets and more than 2,000 volunteer and staff attorneys, the ACLU is stronger and more committed than ever to waging its war on Christian values. These radicals have already:

  • Outlawed prayer in public schools
  • Progressively silenced the Church
  • Stripped parents of their right to raise their children according to their beliefs
  • Challenged laws that protect children from convicted sex offenders

And the list of attacks goes on and on. But there is hope.

For 16 years, the Alliance Defense Fund has been fighting back and, by God's grace, has won three out of four cases litigated to completion (John 15:5). Together, we must continue to build on this success.

Your prayers and financial support will help ADF and its 1,600-plus allied attorneys across America stop the ACLU from further attacks on Our First Liberty – religious freedom.


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