Religious Beliefs Callously Violated

A pro-life nurse takes on the hospital that forced her to participate in a late-term abortion.

Before New York’s Mt. Sinai Hospital hired her as a surgical nurse, Cathy DeCarlo told them that she does not do abortions. The hospital administrators expressed no concern about her religious convictions and assured her in writing of their support for the conscience rights of their staff.

“From the very start, I told them that I don’t do abortions.”
– Cathy DeCarlo
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For years, the hospital appeared to have no problem with Cathy’s sincerely held religious beliefs, until one Sunday in May when she was forced to violate those beliefs. Although Cathy was asked to assist with a procedure that is common following miscarriages, the case cart arrived in the operating room with instruments that are used in late-term abortions. She immediately called the doctor, who confirmed that the surgery would be a late-term abortion. Horrified, Cathy told her not to send in the patient until she could find a replacement nurse.

Since the procedure was labeled as “Class II,” which meant the patient did not require immediate surgery, Cathy contacted her supervisor to request that she be replaced by another nurse. Her supervisor told her that it was a life-and-death “emergency” and that if she refused to cooperate, she would be charged with insubordination and abandoning her patient. In other words, her career would be over.

The moment Cathy laid eyes on the patient, she knew the woman was not in severe physical distress.

What Cathy witnessed during the dismembering of the 22-week-old preborn child rocked her to the deepest places of her soul. Knowing that the hospital had violated her rights, Cathy contacted the Alliance Defense Fund for help. On Cathy’s behalf, ADF has filed two separate lawsuits against the hospital to protect her religious freedom.

“ADF is my voice.
When no one else would listen to me, they were there and stood up for me.”
– Cathy DeCarlo

Consciously Protecting Life

Just like Cathy, more and more health care professionals in communities all across America are being pressured to perform actions that violate their sincerely held religious beliefs – or suffer possible career-ending punishment. And the federal government has taken steps to remove protections for medical professionals who conscientiously object to the taking of human life.

The Alliance Defense Fund and its more than 1,800 allied attorneys across America are strategically working to protect the rights of health care professionals who are pressured to commit acts they consider deeply immoral. By God’s grace, we have successfully defended Toni Lemly, a nurse in Louisiana who refused to participate in an abortion on religious grounds, and John Lane, a pharmacist called to appear before the Montana Board of Pharmacy for refusing to dispense abortion-inducing drugs he found objectionable to his faith.

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